With the advent of technology, we are presently living and conducting business in the golden age of global commerce where it is imperative to have a thorough knowledge of other peoples, political climates, business practices, customs and cultures. 

​International Business Law is a highly specialized field of law which encompasses individuals, business entities, Multinational Enterprises (MNE), and Nation States.

An absolutely crucial factor when conducting business in Asia relates to specific relations known as guanxi. (關係) This is a concept not easily understood by western lawyers.

Whether you are contemplating cross border dealings or presently encountering legal issues on an international scale, we are here to help.

Economic growth market; How to determine what to do with your company and the changing market.


international business law and the mne

KNOWLEDGE & Experience


     Our specialized knowledge include:

  • International Business Law Consultation and Representation
  • International Business Law Dispute, Resolution, Arbitration and Litigation
  • Jurisdictional limit of Regulation by Specific Nation States 
  • MNE Liabilities and Exposures
  • Accountability and Disclosure Regulations
  • Bilateral and Multilateral Investment Treaties
  • Inward Direct Investment and Control
  • International Double Taxation
  • Technology Transfer
  • Labour Relations
  • Renegotiation and Expropriation
  • International Investment Disputes, and
  • International Standard for Treatment of Foreign Investors

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