consultation and representation

Businesses look to enter foreign lands for a plethora of reasons. Some aim to take advantage of a growing market which has emerged in portions of the globe not earlier anticipated. Others may look to take advantage of a Nation State's newly reduced corporate tax rate for their business. 

One's legal needs vary from client to client, or even from identical client over time and space. Quite often, businesses may not be aware of the benefits specific Nation States can provide, especially when considering that laws and regulations are ever changing along with the client's own positions. We are prepared to fully explore your cross border business itineraries and to conduct a thorough research addressing each and every concern within a particular business climate. Regulations and compliance issues, such as tax, investment, local versus foreign labour force, and possible mandatory charitable contributions are all examples of subjects one must analyze when entering a foreign land. 

Our representation may include physical interactions and negotiations with the Nation States, or foreign business entities and individuals, and memorializing such understandings in written, enforceable formats. 

When considering legal issues which arise from Multi-National perspective, it is absolutely crucial for one to both acknowledge and appreciate the cultural differences which exist between Nation States. 


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